Trumeter has deep experience working with a wide range of manufacturers from portable generators to switchgear. While many manufacturers use our products as designed, we also specialize in custom product development and can customize any aspect of our meters. 

We stand out from the competition with the most features packed into our meters for the lowest price. We also keep our products in stock for competitive lead times.

Take your products to the next level with Modbus communications and our IoT gateway for remote monitoring and trend analysis.

Products Designed for the Power Industry

Our products designed for the power industry include counters for maintenance and warranty purposes, and advanced panel meters (APMs) for monitoring voltage, current and frequency. Ready to learn more? Find a distributor in your region.

Case Study: Winco Generators

Meet Dan Call, President of Winco Generators. He discusses working with Trumeter for custom product development on the YourGen meter, which helps operators easily load the generator and visualize voltage, frequency and load. The YourGen meter helped Winco stand out from the competition with an easier-to-use generator. 

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