Totalizing Counters

Power Type
Supply Voltage
10 Series
Heavy Duty Electromechanical AC Counter
3400 Series All-Purpose Totalizing Counters
3400 Series
All-Purpose AC & DC Totalizing Counters
3400 GATE Totalizing Counter for Liftgate
3400 GATE
Totalizing Counter for Liftgate
40 Series Totalizing Counters
40 Series
Economical Counters with Choice of Operating Voltage
49 Series Totalizing Counters
49 Series
Economical, Compact Counters
4916 Series Totalizing Counters
4916 Series
Low Power Consumption Counters
6300 Series Multifunction Totalizing Counters
6300 Series
Self Powered Multifunction AC & DC Totalizers
7000 and 7000AS Totalizing Counters
7000 / 7000AS
Miniature, Low Power Totalizing Counter
7016 Totalizing Counter
Miniature Self-Powered Totalizer
7110 DIN Totalizing Counter
7110 DIN
Electronic Totalizer with Front Reset
7111 and 7111HV Totalizing Counters
7111 / 7111HV
Self-Powered Multifunction AC & DC Totalizers
7400 and 7400AS Bi-Directional Totalizing Counters
7400 / 7400AS
Low Power, Bi-directional Electronic Totaliser
750 Series Revolution Acreage Counter
750 Series
Sealed Revolution/Acreage Counter
898X Series Preset Counter and Rate Indicator
898X Series
Programmable 6-Digit LCD Preset Counter and Rate Indicator
Programmable, Multi-Preset Totalizer & Rate Meter
94 Series Totalizing Counters
94 Series
Large Figure Rugged LCD Electronic Totalizer
B Series DIN Totalizing Counter
B Series
All-Around DIN Totalizer
HED251 and HED261 Totalizing Counters
HED251 / HED261
Panel Mount Electronic Switch Closure Totalizer
MK Series Totalizing Counter
MK Series
Rugged AC & DC Electromechanical Totalizer