Remote Monitoring

Trumeter Cloud is the easiest way to remotely monitor the status of your systems. Our plug-and-play IoT gateway box and software simplifies connectivity to our entire APM line. Save time, respond to issues faster, and be more proactive about monitoring your equipment today!

Our plans offer a range of capabilities to suit any business, from passively monitoring one parameter, to proactively analyzing and managing critical processes. 

Trumeter Cloud remote monitoring

Try remote monitoring with a virtual account on Trumeter Cloud for free!

Access Your Data Any Way You Want It

With Trumeter Cloud, you can see the status of your APMs anywhere. Because all APM’s come with our easy-to-use configuration software, you can set thresholds for alarm conditions that give you plenty of advance notice when an issue is about to occur. Plus, your data is stored securely in the Cloud and exportable at any time to inform your business decisions. 

Vista Touch Series: Built-In Connectivity

Every Vista Touch meter is IoT ready, with full connectivity to Trumeter Cloud right out of the box.

APM IoT Gateway Ethernet and 4G

IoT Gateway: Add-On Connectivity for APM's

The IoT Gateway is adds Trumeter Cloud connectivity to any of our APM’s with a quick and easy installation process.

Stress-Free Installation, Guaranteed

Everyone loves the idea of remote monitoring, but the headache of setup and installation can seem to outweigh the reward. We’ve removed that problem altogether with an IoT gateway designed specifically to work out of the box with our entire APM family.

Check out our unboxing video to see just how quick and easy our 20 minute setup is!

What is an IoT Gateway?

An IoT gateway allows devices without an internet connection to communicate with each other and with the cloud.