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Volt Meter

A digital volt meter for measuring mains voltage

The APM Volt Meter is a general purpose digital volt meter for measuring mains voltage for applications including control panels and power supplies.

Benefits include:

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APM Input

0 – 600V DC/AC (+/-)


12 – 24V AC/DC


Output 1: Digital (open collector) or Analog (4-20mA), Output 2: Digital (open collector) or Analog (4-20mA)


Modbus RTU Optional


72mm x 72mm x 53mm

Screen Size

57mm x 53mm




CE, cUL, IP65, NEMA Type 4 & 12 (UL50), ROHS, UL

Part Numbers

APM-VOLT-APO – positive LCD, with outputs
APM-VOLT-ANO – negative LCD, with outputs

024569-01 APM Evaluation Kit

By Request: Modbus Connectivity
APM-VOLT-APS – positive LCD, with Modbus
APM-VOLT-ANS – negative LCD, with Modbus

Why Choose the APM Volt Meter?

The APM Volt Meter is designed for engineers, panel builders, and designers seeking the most effective and efficient solution for voltage display and monitoring. A single meter that can be used in a range of applications, it auto-detects AC or DC inputs and measures up to 600V with 1% accuracy.

The unique display combines the instant readability of an analog meter with the precision and functionality of a digital meter. Get quick recognition and precise functionality for the easiest to use and easiest to read panel meter available.

Unique, Easy-to-Read Display

The APM Volt Meter’s unique display gives you the best of both digital and analog volt meters. It’s easy for operators to see readings even in the most challenging of conditions.

  • Two Contrast Options: The APM Volt meter is available with a positive display for bright sunlight or a high-contrast negative display for indoors.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: The APM Volt Meter has a wide viewing angle to ensure readability from a range of positions.
  • Large Readout: With four 12mm [0.47″] digits, you won’t sacrifice readability or accuracy.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Operators can adjust the backlight brightness and color to adapt to changing conditions.
  • Curved Bar Graph Display: The 40 segment curved bar graph display provides an immediate visual indication of parameters for operators. 

User Configurable Volt Meter

The APM Volt Meter is easy to program using the APM configuration software, and offers endless customization options so you can tailor the meter to your exact requirements. 

  • 10 Independent Alarms: Configure conditions and actions to suit your specific requirements. 
  • Color Changing Backlight: Change color and intensity, including flashing or static alerts for specific conditions.
  • Messaging Area: Display custom messages and annunciators.
  • Customizable Scale & Range: Adjust offset, gain, linear scale, and min/max range with 20-point non-linear scaling.
  • Digital Output Delays: Set delays from 0.5 to 120 seconds.  
  • 16 Pre-set Configurations: Use position switches to select standard configurations without needing a software connection.

Next-Level Communication

We know how important it is for your meters to integrate with outside systems! That’s why all APMs have:

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