Excellence Starts with Design

Our engineers place understanding customers’ challenges at the heart of product design and consistently deliver solutions that meet customers’ needs. When you work with us to design a product, you’ll experience a truly engaging process that extends seamlessly throughout manufacturing and delivery. You’ll also work with engineers of the highest pedigree with proven experience in a wide range of technologies and processes.

circuit board

Electronics Design

We focus on problems that require electronics to solve - it's one of our core competencies!

windmill power

Low Power Design

We know how to design affordable products with minimal power consumption and small sizes.

mechanical design work

Mechanical Design

We make sure the physical form of your product is tightly integrated with the underlying technology.

product interface

User Interface Design

We have more than 30 years of experience incorporating human factors into our products.

product testing

Verification & Validation

We achieve our performance and quality guarantees through proven processes, not by chance.

This Is World-Class Manufacturing

We wholly own our manufacturing facility and regularly make serious investments to ensure that it exceeds our customers’ expectations for quality, performance and responsiveness. Our statistics and certifications back up that “world class” claim:
Quality is in everything that we do
Purpose built manufacturing facility

We Stand Behind Our Products

Every year, we invest in certifying our products to the highest standards, including UL, CE and NEMA. On top of that, our three-year warranty is the longest in our industry. With Trumeter, you can count on quality because we own every step of the process from design to manufacturing.

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ISO 9001 Seal
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Meet Our Engineers

Our engineers are the brains behind our track record of innovation! They are constantly working to keep our products ahead of the competition and to answer our customers’ needs with new products and features.

We have talented engineers involved at every stage of the process, from our design engineering team in the UK to our production engineering team at our manufacturing facility in Malaysia.

We're Experts in Serving YOU

Our commitment to delivering first-rate customer service across the globe is at the core of our company values. We consider the success of your business to be the primary goal of our business, and we want you to be delighted with every interaction you have with a Trumeter representative. Our team of specialists is available to assist you whenever and however you need us.