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Amp Meter

A digital amp meter for measuring direct AC & DC current up to 5A

The APM Amp Meter is a digital amp meter for measuring AC & DC direct current up to 5A to 1% accuracy. For applications including control panels and power supplies.

Benefits include:

See our CT ammeter for applications measuring AC current from 0-10,000A with 0.5% accuracy >

See our Shunt ammeter for applications measuring DC current from 0-1,000mV with 0.1% accuracy >

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APM Input

0 – 10,000A via CT, 0 – 5A Direct


12 – 24V AC/DC


Output 1: Digital (open collector) or Analog (4-20mA), Output 2: Digital (open collector) or Analog (4-20mA)


Modbus RTU Optional


72mm x 72mm x 53mm

Screen Size

57mm x 53mm




CE, cUL, IP65, NEMA Type 4 & 12 (UL50), ROHS, UKCA, UL

Part Numbers

APM-AMP-APO – positive LCD, with outputs
APM-AMP-ANO – negative LCD, with outputs

024569-01 APM Evaluation Kit

By Request: Modbus Connectivity
APM-AMP-APS – positive LCD, with Modbus
APM-AMP-ANS – negative LCD with Modbus

Why Choose the APM Amp Meter

The APM Amp Meter is a versatile ammeter designed for a wide range of current measuring and monitoring applications. It auto-detects AC or DC currents up to 5A with 1% accuracy, making it suitable for various equipment and measurement needs. Alternative meters for specific applications include:

  • APM CT Meter: measures AC currents from 0 – 10,000A with 0.5% accuracy
  • APM Shunt Meter: measures DC currents from 0 – 1,000mV with 0.1% accuracy

The unique display combines the instant readability of an analog meter with the precision and functionality of a digital meter. Get quick recognition and precise functionality for the easiest to use and easiest to read panel meter available.

Easy-to-Read Display Technology

The APM Amp Meter’s display combines the best of both digital and analog amp meters, making it easy to read even in challenging conditions.
  • Two Contrast Options: Order the positive display for bright sunlight, or the high-contrast negative display for indoors.
  • 40-Segment Curved Bar Graph: Get an immediate visual indication of parameters.
  • Large Readout: The APM Amp meter features four 12mm [0.47″] digits for clear and accurate readings.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Change the backlight brightness to suit different environments.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: Operators can read the meter from a range of positions.

User Configurable Digital Ammeter

The APM Amp Meter is highly customizable using the APM configuration software. The easy-to-use, free software allows you to tailor the meter to your specific needs.

  • Color Changing Backlight: Customize color and intensity, with flashing or static alerts for specific conditions. 
  • Customizable Scale & Range: Adjust offset, gain, linear scale, and min/max range with 20-point non-linear scaling.
  • 10 Independent Alarms: Set conditions and actions to meet your requirements.
  • Messaging Area: Display custom messages and annunciators.
  • Digital Output Delays: Set delays from 0.5 to 120 seconds.  

Next-Level Communication

We understand the importance of integrating your meters with external systems. That’s why the APM Amp Meter includes: 

  • Two Outputs: Use either digital (open collector) or analog (4-20mA) outputs for communication with other systems.
  • Remote Monitoring: Connect your APM to the cloud with the APM IoT Gateway and monitor readings from anywhere using the free Trumeter Cloud platform.
  • Modbus Connectivity: Request customization with Modbus RTU for enhanced communication.  

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