Advanced Panel Meters

We don't mean to brag, but your digital panel meter can't compete with the APM family!

Every member of the APM meter family has unique dynamic backlighting and starburst messaging to instantly alert operators to problem conditions. We offer both DC and AC panel meter options. And the alerts, scale and range are fully customizable through the plug-and-play software.

Customization Available

We’re happy to customize any product and we’re experts in custom product development. With Trumeter, you’ll have a dedicated project management and engineering team to partner with you from concept to final production and delivery. Learn more.

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IoT Gateway for APM
For APM remote monitoring with Trumeter Cloud online dashboard
APM Amp Meter
Amp Meter
A digital amp meter for measuring direct AC & DC current up to 5A
ct amp meter
CT Meter
A CT amp meter for measuring AC current with an external CT
frequency meter
Frequency Meter
A specialized frequency meter for measuring frequency and speed
APM M1 Meter
M1 Meter
An all-in-one meter for measuring voltage, current or frequency; 12-24V AC/DC power
APM M2 Meter
M2 Meter
An all-in-one meter for measuring voltage, current or frequency; 100-240V AC power
MAX Meter M21
An all-in-one meter for measuring amps, voltage, frequency or power
MAX Meter M23
An all-in-one meter that can be configured as a process meter or a shunt meter
3 phase power meter
Power Meter
A universal, digital 3 phase power meter
digital process meter
Process Meter
A specialized digital process meter for process control applications
digital amp meter
Rate Meter
A specialized rate meter for measuring speed, rate and flow
micro amp meter
Micro Meter
A specialized micro amp meter for measuring DC current in microamps
shunt amp meter
Shunt Meter
An shunt amp meter for measuring DC current with an external shunt
digital temperature panel meter
Temperature Meter
A digital temperature panel meter for use with thermocouples
digital volt meter
Volt Meter
A digital volt meter for measuring mains voltage