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Timer Type
Power Type
Supply Voltage
3410 Series of Timers
3410 Series
Durable & Rugged Universal AC & DC Electronic Timers
52U Counter, Timer, Totalizer and Process Meter
Multifunction Counter, Timer, Totalizer & Process Meter
6320 Series
Self-Powered Multi-Function AC & DC Hour Meters
710 Series
Easy-to-Read, Distinctive AC Hour Meters
711 Series
Light Weight & Low Power AC Hour Meters
720 Series
Rugged & Sealed AC Hour Meter
720-6300 Series
High Voltage AC Hour Meter
722 Series
Accurate, Long-Lasting AC Hour Meters
731 Series
Light Weight & Low Power DC Hour Meters
732 Series
Totally Sealed DC Hour Meters
High Voltage AC & DC Electronic Timers
7922 / 7932
Programmable Preset Counter
795X Series
Reliable & Versatile
924K Counter, Rate Meter and Timer
Multipurpose Counter, Rate Meter & Timer
Battery-Powered Time Switch
Universal, Small-form Countdown Timer
H37 Hour Run Meter
H37 Series
Hour Run Meter
Combination Hour Meter & Totalizer
HK07 Miniature Hour Meter
Miniature Hour Meters
HK17 Miniature Time Meter
Miniature Time Meter
HMA series hour meter
HMA Series
AC and DC Hour Meters
GM Series Day Timer
GM Series
Electromechanical Day Timer
K0 Series Totalizer
K0 Series
Electro-Mechanical Totalizers
K198 Hour Meter Module for PCB Mount
LCD Hour Meter Module for PCB Mount
TM Series Time Switch
TM Series
Electro-mechanical Time Switch