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HMA Series

AC and DC Hour Meters

The HMA and HMD hour meter range show the run time of machines, equipment and other devices. They are designed to provide accurate information for testing, maintenance or warranty purposes. These versatile electro-mechanical hour meters are available in a wide range of AC and DC voltages and come in three industry-standard housings.

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Timer Type

Hour Meter

Power Type



Flush Rectangular, SAE Round, Square

Supply Voltage

10 – 80V DC, 120V AC / 50Hz, 120V AC / 60Hz, 220V AC / 50Hz, 220V AC / 60Hz, 36 – 80V DC, 6 – 12V DC, 6 – 30V DC

Part Numbers

HMA302/120VAC/60HZ – 7D Elemech H/M 2-hole NRst 110VAC 60Hz
HMA303/120VAC/60HZ – HR, 120VAC, 60HZ, 3-HOLE W/ 3 SCREWS
HMA304/120VAC/60HZ – HR, 120VAC, 60HZ, FLSH 2.13 X 1.14, CLIP
HMA304/220VAC/50HZ – HR, 220VAC, 50HZ, FLSH 2.13 X 1.14, CLIP
HMA304/220VAC/60HZ – HR, 220VAC, 60HZ, FLSH 2.13 X 1.14, CLIP
HMA461/120VAC/60HZ – HR, 120VAC, 60HZ, FLSH SQR, Ver. 3

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