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7922 / 7932

Programmable Preset Counter

The 7922/7932 is a programmable preset counter with prescaler, quadrature input and EEPROM data storage. Housed in an IP65 sealed DIN case, this versatile counter can be configured for quadrature or uni-directional inputs, dual preset or single preset with batch preset. The 7922/7932 display is a supertwist high visibility backlit LCD that can be viewed from any angle.

All programming, reset and presetting can be carried out from the counter’s front panel and when powered from an AC supply, there is a 12VDC output to drive a sensor.

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Counter Type

Totalizing Counter




6 Digits

Reset Option

Automatic Reset, Manual Reset, Remote Reset


12-260V AC/DC, NPN, PNP

Supply Voltage

10 – 26V DC, 85 – 265V AC

Power Type


Part Numbers

7922 – 6 digit electronic dual preset predetermining counter
7932 – 6 digit electronic single preset predetermining counter

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