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5063 – Dual Reading Rail Track Measuring Wheel

5063 - Dual Reading Rail Track Measuring Wheel

Rail Track Measurer – Dual Reading Rail Track Measuring Wheel

The Definitive tool for accurate measuring of rail track. This robust, quality product was designed with input from international railroad companies and is in daily use worldwide. The heavy duty measuring wheel incorporates metal side plates to keep the wheel stable on the rail, while the dual counters are available to measure the track distance in Metres, Yards and/or Feet/Inches and can be used in any combination (see Ordering Information below).

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  • Specially designed for measuring railway track and railroad
  • Dual mechanical counters
  • Large display for easy reading
  • Adds forward subtracts in reverse
  • Range 0 to 99999.9 m or yds
  • Range 0 to 99999’ 11”
  • Accuracy ± 1%
  • Supplied complete with carry case
  • 3 Year Warranty

5063 Spare Parts

Ordering Information

5063 Rail Track Measurer (Dual reading)

Unit of measurement -(Select & add code to 5063-xxxxxx)

511 Metres/Decimetres
512 Yards/Tenths
519 Feet/Inches

Example: 5063-512-519 Yards/Tenths & Feet/Inches
Calibration certificate available at extra cost.

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