Case Studies

At Trumeter, we are experts in custom product development. We work closely with customers through design and manufacturing to ensure that the final product stays true to the vision and the budget. Read our case studies to learn more about our process and the products we developed for some of our customers.

Custom Advanced Panel Meters

portable generator

Portable Generators

Find out how we enabled a leading generator manufacturer to upgrade their product without added cost using an innovative solution for integrating a CT into the sensor.


Motors and Generators

See the cost savings realized by an equipment manufacturer that replaced outdated analog meters with a custom APM optimized for size, usability and configuration efficiency.

sheets of glass

Glass Processing

Learn how an equipment manufacturer modernized their glass processing machines with custom panel meters to support more effective monitoring of 12 motors during operation.

Custom Filter Life Indicators

woman drinking water

Water Pitchers and Dispensers

Learn how we collaborated with a global leader in drinking water filtration products to develop a custom filter life indication system for a pitcher and refrigerator dispenser.

water treatment system

Sanitation Systems

Explore our small-space solution for measuring water quality and flow in a sanitation system with highly variable pressure, acidity, temperature and contaminants.

water filtration cartridges

Home Filtration Systems

See a battery powered custom filter life indicator we developed for a whole home filtration system with a flow and time based algorithm and filter status notifications via mobile app.

Custom Counters

water tanks

Pump Pressure Tanks

Learn how we developed custom counter hardware to mitigate inaccurate tank fill counts associated with water turbulence.

truck with liftgate

Truck Liftgates

Find out how we improved a commercial liftgate counter, reducing inaccurate counts associated with raising and lowering the platform.