Trumeter Cloud Pricing Plans

Anyone with an Advanced Panel Meter and IoT Gateway can try our Cloud plans for free! But you’ll likely want to upgrade to one of our other plans to take advantage of monitoring multiple devices with increased data storage and communication capabilities. Simply create your account and select the plan that works for you.


Monitor a stable process with one APM


FREE with annual plan

1 Ethernet Device *
1 User
15 Min. Data Refresh
10 Days Data Storage
Unlimited Emails
International Texts


Add instant alerts for critical processes

$20/ month

$220 / year with annual plan

5 Ethernet Devices *
3 Users
1 Min. Data Refresh
45 Days Data Storage
Unlimited Emails
30 Texts / Month
International Texts


Scale up with virtually unlimited features

$100/ month

$1,100 / year with annual plan

100 Ethernet Devices *
100 Users
15 Sec. Data Refresh
Unlimited Data Storage
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Texts
International Texts

* Ethernet Device includes IoT Gateway or ethernet enabled APM or Vista Touch.

Additional Ethernet Devices: $3 / month.

Additional Cellular Gateways: $5 / month

Don't see a plan that's right for you?

Just ask! We’re happy to build a custom plan just for you. Contact our sales team and someone will be in touch to discuss your business and needs for IoT and Trumeter Cloud.

Understand the Right Plan for You

The Pro plan is the best choice for most organizations, but there are use cases that make sense for each of the other plans. 

FREE: for monitoring a single parameter with a predictable pattern

This plan is perfect for monitoring a single APM for information on when to take action on a stable process. For example, a facilities manager might monitor a fuel tank and receive an email notification when the tank drops beneath a certain threshold. Removing the need to constantly monitor the tank saves time while still ensuring they have enough time to reorder fuel. 

ADVANCED: for monitoring multiple parameters with less predictable patterns

This plan is suited for situations with more devices where instant alerts are critical to prevent problems in a more unpredictable process. For example, a factory with multiple machines might monitor motor current to ensure that machines can be rapidly shut down in the case of an unexpected problem. Instant text messages are included in this plan to ensure alerts are delivered with the appropriate urgency.

PRO: for monitoring a critical process with long term trend analysis

This plan is designed for processes where analyzing patterns over time is critical for success. For example, looking at the frequency with which each motor in the factory hits a critical threshold over the span of a year would help a manager design a plan for more proactive maintenance and budgeting for repairs.  

EXPERT: for Pro users that need to scale up

This plan is a bigger version of Pro, including many more devices and unlimited data storage!