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Battery-Powered Handheld Tachometer

The HT600 is a handheld tachometer with a rugged, ergonomic design. It has eight measuring ranges and three modes for RPM, speed and distance. It can be operated in optical or direct modes and has a built-in memory for saving three readings: the most recent, maximum and minimum. Other features include automatic power-off 30 seconds after the last operation, on-screen indication for over-range readings and reset to zero for under-range readings.




Measurement Distance

600mm | 23.62in

Rotation Speed

1 – 99,999 RPM contact, 1 – 99,999 RPM non-contact

Surface Speed

0.1 – 1,999 m/min | 0.3 – 6,500 ft/min | 4.0 – 78,000 in/min


0.02 – 999.9 m | 0.01 – 999.9 ft | 1.0 – 9,999 in



Part Numbers

4HT600 – 5 digit microprocessor based, battery powered hand-held tachometer/counter with data memory

Product Documents

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