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Sean McNaughton

Where did your career at Trumeter begin?

I started working at our US warehouse doing order fulfilment in 2007. At the time I was one of four employees, and for a few years my main responsibility was processing Home Depot orders for measuring wheels. I saw myself at that time as somebody who was a customer service representative, wearing a couple different hats: entering orders, answering phones and emails, and processing orders by way of picking, packing and shipping.

How has your role changed?

Today I am Vice President of Customer Operations. I am responsible for 5 direct reports in the US and another 2 in the UK, with functions covering Technical Support, Warehouse/Operations and Customer Service. I focus on managing our customer’s expectations, setting levels of service with our Customer Service Charter and holding my team accountable to that.

Trumeter’s first acquisition was Redington in 2011. When that happened, it gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my other capabilities. My responsibilities grew very quickly and I had an opportunity to build rapport with certain people, some of whom became my direct employees. For my team and I, it doesn’t feel like a manager / employee relationship; it’s a team effort and we’re here to help each other. Having the opportunity to help someone grow within their career is awesome.

It’s pretty exciting to have been such an important part of the company’s growth. I’ve seen the US team grow from four people to 21 employees today.

How has your understanding of Trumeter’s vision and culture evolved?

When I joined Trumeter, my manager did an excellent job of explaining his vision and the potential. It was exciting to be able to have the opportunity to work for a company where you’re not just another number. I saw that at Trumeter I could have an impact almost immediately.

Today I’m part of setting the culture. One of the things we do is a morning “drum beat” session for the US team. It’s 10 minutes long, and everyone on the customer service operations team is invited to it. Even if there’s not much to discuss, it gives us important face time with each other.

Is there a project you’re most proud of?

I have been lucky enough to be involved with some major opportunities that gave me a chance to demonstrate my abilities. One of them is the conversion from Syteline 6 to 10. Syteline is our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program. I got to know the new system intimately and had training sessions with all of the employees afterwards, and then be a point of contact for support.

Since then, there’s been a variety of different projects that improve the way we use Syteline that have made people’s jobs easier and have saved the company money.

What’s next for you at Trumeter?

My main focus has always been the US. I’d like to change that and understand our factory in Malaysia more than I do. I’d like to visit IDT in order to get a real understanding of operations there and identify any opportunities for improvement. 

Also I have an aspiration of getting my MBA. It would be nice to be able to have a more global presence and strategic understanding of the business and to understand the economics better.

Sean has been promoted from Warehouse Fulfilment to Vice President of Customer Operations