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Nazirah Binti Ibrahim

Where did your career at Trumeter begin?

I started to work for the company in 2004 as an operator. After my training I was involved in the welding process to help manufacture filter life indicators for home water pitchers. This was a very high-volume product. I fit comfortably into the company culture straight away and knew that I wanted to progress my career with the business and become a Line Leader. I reached that first goal a year later.

How has your role changed?

In 2007 I moved to the SMT production line as Assistant Supervisor. I took over as Supervisor in 2008, and I am now Senior SMT Supervisor. I am responsible for the training and management of my team of five people.

It’s a busy department as we are involved in the manufacture of every model that requires the SMT process. These include custom products like the handheld frequency meter, our range of Advanced Panel Meters (including the next generation APM which includes a color touch screen), and some of our core products.

How has Trumeter evolved during your time here?

Over my 18 years with Trumeter, the business has grown and I have seen an increase in our headcount, investment in new machinery and a strengthening of our work culture. I feel lucky to work with such a helpful group of people who really care about each other.

Is there a project you’re most proud of?

The project that comes to mind involved working on MSD (Moisture Sensitive Devices) for prestigious automotive manufacturers such as Range Rover, Jaguar and Aston Martin. This taught me a lot! I can now easily identify sensitive components, understand the impact of humidity on them, and mitigate that with correct storage.

What’s next for you at Trumeter?

I am passionate about developing my team. I would like to see them all grow and be the best that they can be. Their success is my success.

Nazirah has been promoted from Production Operator to SMT Senior Supervisor