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Haydn Kirkman

Where did your career at Trumeter begin?

I joined Trumeter in 2017 as the first dedicated Project Manager. I was instrumental in setting up a new approvals system and mechanisms to prioritize tasks for the team. The role evolved in an organic way around me as an individual, my skill set, and my ability to contribute to the team.

How has your role changed?

In 2018 we brought in another Project Manager to work alongside me, and just over a year later I was promoted to Head of Project Management with line management responsibilities for this individual. This developed into Head of Product and Project Management as I took additional responsibilities for the management of the complete product lifecycle in 2022. 

I’m now moving into a new role as Head of Engineering, where I have full responsibility for both managing the Engineering team and for delivery of all projects. 

The person I report to has not changed, but his role used to be Director of Product Development, and he is now our CEO. 

My progress has been massively influenced by what I want out of my career. I wanted to improve the way we manage projects but also the portfolio of those projects. My vision for how the role would progress has been updated along the way getting regularly refreshed, but I have always had people management in my sights.

How have you expanded your training at Trumeter?

While at Trumeter I studied for two years for a degree in Programme and Project Management, so I have an MSc which I passed with distinction. I found it to be hugely beneficial to be studying alongside my work so I could translate theory straight into practical applications.

This was a big enabler for me. The senior management team has been flexible and really supportive of me and my development.

Is there a project you’re most proud of?

I created a New Product Development process that proved to be very successful!

Apart from that, I’m proudest of the projects that we’ve learned the most from, rather than those that have been the most successful. In learning from the projects that only got to concept stage, we now carry out due diligence earlier from a risk perspective and alignment to our capabilities. This means we can now decide more quickly whether or not projects are going to be commercially viable.

I can pinpoint when we started to see the benefits from what I learned during my degree studies, such as fully understanding the importance of stakeholder alignment, and this has positively affected how we deliver internal projects too.

What’s next for you at Trumeter?

I’m still getting to grips with my new responsibilities! We have game-changing projects to deliver and are fast growing the engineering department to design the products and services for the future. As the team and I get started, I look forward to spending more time developing our engineering portfolio, the team, and our strategic direction. 

Trumeter acts like one big family, and despite our growth we have managed to retain that while still continuing to improve our efficiency and effectiveness.

Haydn has been promoted from Project Manager to Head of Engineering