Case Study: Sanitation Systems

The Customer

This company is a global designer and manufacturer of a revolutionary cleaning and sanitation system for drinking water and household surfaces. The product uses ozone-rich water to eliminate the need for toxic chemicals and harsh cleaning products.

The Challenge

  • Measure highly variable flow rates and water quality
  • Handle high pressure, temperature, contaminants and acidity
  • Communicate metrics to a central controller an mobile app
  • Minimize size and power consumption

The Solution

A dedicated project manager and engineering team worked in close collaboration with the customer from concept to manufacturing.

We developed two proposals and presented them to the customer to ensure alignment on vision. These proposals allowed us to assess the benefits of a single filter option compared to a double (pre and post filtration) option.

After ensuring alignment on this vision, we developed a detailed product specification with careful attention to manufacturing implications. At Trumeter, we recognize that every design decision must be planned with manufacturing in mind in order to effectively project and manage costs.

Our engineering team developed a custom TDS sensor to measure dissolved solids to indicate water quality, and a custom indicator to measure temperature and flow. Our solution handled acidity down to a pH of 4 and pressures up to 5.5 bar. We also leveraged our software development expertise to communicate all of these factors contributing to filtration effectiveness to a central controller and a mobile app.

At Trumeter, we are big on verification and validation, and these designs went through a comprehensive Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review to ensure we could manufacture them at the desired cost. Throughout the final manufacturing process, we worked closely with the customer to make sure they hit their market entry date on budget and with sufficient inventory.

custom TDS sensor
The custom sensor we developed for small space requirements

The Outcome

Everyone wins with custom product development!

  • End consumers have real-time information on product performance
  • The customer was able to differentiate their products from competitors with a new feature