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A global designer and manufacturer of sophisticated measurement products, with leading edge mechanical, electronic, sensing and LED technologies.

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Distributors Asia-Pacific

Distributor Phone Country Counters APM Panel Meters Distance Length Measurement Sensors Tachometers/ Thermometers Time
EC Instruments +6073616238 Malys – Johor
Surmap +603-56338877 Malys-Selangor
Global Instrument +6088-733355 Malaysia – Sabah
Luxis Veloci +012-7783168 Malaysia – Johor
Blu Comet +604-5086221 Malys – Penang
Kau Jui Enterprise +886-229736668 Taiwan
PNS Int +82-51-7469040 Korea
Shanghai Fannaier +86-21-62990321 China
Shanghai Hangou +86-21-51085161 China
DongguanHongXu +86-0769-23396463 China
EC Instruments +6596312280 Singapore
Four Star Ent. +65-67430509 Singapore
Tah-Li Engineering +65-67449722 Singapore
Wibee Industrial +632 807 7329 Philippines
Brianna Survey +63-026681632 Philippines
Honest Industrial +852-24068983 Hong Kong
Modtrad Pvt. Ltd. +91-9804 998 000 India
IDT + 604 5015700 All Asia Pacific
Elenser Eng India India
Tshomo Geo-Tech +975-77108330 Bhutan

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