Trumeter’s New truAPM Website Is Bigger And Better Than Ever

Trumeter’s New truAPM Website Is Bigger And Better Than Ever

We’re excited to unveil our new www.truAPM.com website, replacing our old website with a sleek and practical updated version. The new website highlights our Advanced Panel Meter (APM) products without sacrificing customer interaction. With eight decades of experience, we’ve designed and manufactured measurement products that are at the forefront of the panel meter industry.

This trend continues with our Trumeter APM, an easy to use, multi-format programmable panel meter. The APM provides a cost effective alternative to more expensive digital versions. Essential features include a 40 segment bar graph display, custom annunciators, two independent alarm set-points and 15 integrated configurations. As the APM is programmable there’s a great deal of versatility to be used in various applications and industries.

New sections of the website include a gallery and support section. Both are designed to help new and existing customers get the most out of their APM products. This is achieved through CAD files, FAQs, data sheets and ‘How To’ guides. Customers are able to download the latest version of the APM Configuration Software, leading to a fast and efficient set up of newly purchased products.

As with all Trumeter sites, K2L Marketing are responsible for building the new website. The Salford based integrated marketing agency has met all of our expectations as Sales and Marketing Director Alf Jones is happy to say.

“We are excited about the launch of the new truAPM website. We believe that all of our products and solutions are innovative and expertly designed but the APM is truly revolutionary. The product needed a website that would reflect this, while providing our customers everything they need in order to get the most out of their Advanced Panel Meter. K2L achieved this goal with the design of the new website.”

Feel free to browse the website and for more information be sure to contact us by filling out the online form.