Trumeter featured in Warehouse & Logistics News

Trumeter featured in Warehouse & Logistics News

Trumeter Technologies were recently featured in the January edition of Warehouse & Logistics News, the UKs only fortnightly magazine for the warehousing and logistics industry. 7,514 printed copies of the magazine were distributed around the UK and over 4,000 people visit their website every day, gaining excellent publicity for Trumeter Technologies.

The story had the headline ‘Trumeter reduces cost and lowers energy consumption for Bernard Matthews’ and told of how Trumeter Technologies Ltd recently replaced the incumbent lighting system in two of the turkey giant’s cold storage facilities.

The previous system was out-dated, inefficient and needed constant maintenance. After a 3-month trial period during which Trumeter’s state-of-the-art TLC1100 system was installed on one isle so it could be directly compared with the current system, Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd gave the go ahead for Trumeter to roll out their product across both cold storage facilities.

The technology used in the TLC1100 enables optimum illumination to be provided at temperatures as low as -40 degrees whilst also reducing energy output thanks to its sensor controls and high quality LM80 standard LED. The increased energy efficiency is projected to save Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd over £511,000 in the next ten years.

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