Seoul Semiconductor – Trusted by Trumeter LED Lighting

Seoul Semiconductor – Trusted by Trumeter LED Lighting

Trumeter’s revolutionary TLC1100 LED lighting system, suitable for cold storage facilities, incorporates Acrich technology, developed by leading global LED specialists, Seoul Semiconductor.

Energy efficient and capable of operating 24-hours-a-day at temperatures of more than -26 degrees below zero, Acrich is a vital element of TLC1100’s industry leading design.

Using LM80 standard LED’s and offering an extremely long product lifetime, the design and manufacture standards of Acrich suit the exacting specifications of Trumeter’s lighting products.

TLC1100 has been successfully trialled in numerous cold storage and warehousing premises, with Seoul Semiconductor’s components proving reliable and cost-effective.

View the Seoul Semiconductor case study here, or for more information on LED lighting by Trumeter, visit Trumeter.com/lighting-solutions.

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