Custom APM for Winco Generators

About the Company

Winco manufactures a wide range of generators from 2kW – 600kW including portable, automatic standby, power take off and towable generators. Their customers depend on generators to run their businesses every day for commercial, residential and agricultural applications.

About the Product

Winco’s custom YourGen meter displays voltage, frequency and load in one place so customers can easily troubleshoot problems without much electrical experience. Most competitors have hour meters with electrical information, but the YourGen meter uniquely monitors both line 1 and line 2 loads and voltages independently. This allows customers to see that they are balancing the load correctly so even an inexperienced technician can perform the difficult task of loading the generator right every time.

About the Process

Winco couldn’t find a pre-existing solution on the market to display the electrical parameters they needed. They evaluated many companies, but only Trumeter combined the features and price point they needed in an aesthetically appealing package. The Trumeter team provided Winco with the technical expertise they needed during the design process and performed extensive testing to be sure the final product would work properly in the generator environment.