Custom Counter for Truck Liftgates

The Customer

This company has been a leading US liftgate manufacturer for over 60 years. Their liftgates make loading and unloading of cargo possible for trucks and commercial vehicles. Accurate counts of liftgate activations are critical for scheduling maintenance; however, typical counters inaccurately count small adjustments made by operators to meet the height of the bay.

The Challenge

truck with liftgate

The Solution

A dedicated project manager and engineering team worked in close collaboration with the customer from concept to manufacturing.

We worked closely with the customer to understand requirements and proposed incorporating a delay circuit that would count only if the activation switch was held on for more than five seconds, or two feet of travel. If the activation switch was only pulsed, the counter would ignore that signal.

We offered the customer a choice of two potential housings and they selected the housing based on our 3400 counter. Our engineers created a prototype for testing to ensure perfect integration with their liftgate.

For the final product we developed a custom input PCB compatible with 12 – 24V vehicles. It counts on a high to low transition with a wide input range (Logic LOW <1VDC – Logic HIGH 10 – 48VDC). We worked closely with the customer’s engineering team and distribution services department to move from inception to first batch delivery in under six months.

Custom version of our 3400 counter housing

The Outcome

Everyone wins with custom product development!