Custom APM for Motors & Generators

The Customer

This US-based engineering company has been a leader equipment protection systems for motors and generators for more than 35 years. Their expertise includes design and manufacturing of equipment for oil fields, refineries, pipelines and utility plants.

The Challenge


The Solution

A dedicated project manager and engineering team worked in close collaboration with the customer from concept to manufacturing.

We first presented concepts to the customer to ensure alignment on vision. During this phase we established the size of the meter, communication protocols and detailed requirements for custom configuration. 

After ensuring alignment on this vision, we developed a detailed product specification with careful attention to manufacturing implications. At Trumeter, we recognize that every design decision must be planned with manufacturing in mind in order to effectively project and manage costs.

Our engineering team developed a 4 1/4″ version of our standard APM that could be installed in the customer’s existing round cutout. The meter is capable of measuring 0 – 200µA and up to 1,000V. It uses outputs to warn the operator when the internal resistance of the motor drops too low with custom green, amber and red LED backlighting and alerts. Both measurements and alarms are communicated via Modbus, which is a growing requirement among their end customers.

At Trumeter, we are big on verification and validation, and these designs went through a comprehensive Design For Manufacturability (DFM) review to ensure we could manufacture them at the desired cost. Throughout the final manufacturing process, we worked closely with the customer to make sure they hit their market entry date on budget and with sufficient inventory.

Our custom APM was 25% larger in size while fitting into the original round cut out.

The Outcome

Everyone wins with custom product development!