Custom APM for H2Flow Controls

About the Company

H2Flow Controls manufactures products that are used to control, protect and measure flow. The company serves customers in a wide range of industries including pools, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and waste water treatment.

About the Product

In 2012, H2Flow launched Flowvis, a highly accurate flow meter for pools and spas. It was always their intention to digitize the product for remote monitoring, but they needed to find the right partner to design and manufacture that component. They started the conversation with Trumeter in 2017, and launched Flowvis Digital in 2020.

About the Process

H2Flow had a dedicated project manager at Trumeter from start to finish, and the part of the process they were most impressed by was his responsiveness and communication level. The Trumeter team scoped out the project in intricate detail and agreed on a specification with H2Flow that worked both technically and commercially. H2Flow met with Trumeter engineers and was impressed by how quickly they grasped the project and came up with innovative ideas. And Trumeter executed on the agreed timeline from design to manufacturing.

The finished product exceeded the expectations of H2Flow in every respect. Flowvis Digital is a more advanced solution at a lower price point than competitors.