Custom APM for Glass Processing

The Customer

This company has been a European leader in equipment manufacturing for over 60 years. Their product line includes innovative machines for glass and stone processing. We worked with them on a custom Advanced Panel Meter (APM) to improve the operator experience for their straight-line edging machine.

The Challenge

sheets of glass

The Solution

A dedicated project manager and engineering team worked in close collaboration with the customer from concept to manufacturing.

We presented several concepts to the customer to illustrate available custom options before agreeing on a final set of requirements that balanced functionality and budget. We also incorporated advice on safety and environmental certification options and the timeline and cost for the associated requirements.

After ensuring alignment on this vision, we developed a detailed product specification with careful attention to manufacturing implications. At Trumeter, we recognize that every design decision must be planned with manufacturing in mind in order to effectively project and manage costs.

Our engineering team developed custom firmware with pre-installed configurations that supported programming via DIP switches on the back of the APM for quick installation. We designed the analog output to transmit data to a remote HMI display and configured optimal ranges and setpoints with visual alerts for operators. We also leveraged our industrial design expertise to create custom bezels, labels and packaging aligned with the company’s branding.

At Trumeter, we are big on verification and validation, and these designs went through a comprehensive Design For Manufacturability (DFM) review to ensure we could manufacture them at the desired cost. Throughout the final manufacturing process, we worked closely with the customer to make sure they hit their market entry date on budget and with sufficient inventory.

Custom firmwear supports quick and easy preconfiguration using switches on reverse

The Outcome

Everyone wins with custom product development!