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7110 DIE

Die Cutting Impression Counter

The 7110-DIE is a self-powered totalizing impression counter for die cutters. It’s designed for use with either rotary drum or flat dies and is built for installation directly to the die. The 7110-DIE is built to withstand the vibration of die cutting machines and can handle a speed of up to 10 impressions per second.

The standard 7110-DIE is a non-resettable counter that provides the overall usage of the die. The 7110-DIE-R version includes a reset option for monitoring batch counts.

The 7110-DIE is the only product of its kind on the market. It enables better production monitoring for quality and cost control, forecasting and maintenance.

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Counter Type

Impression Counter, Totalizing Counter




7 Digits

Reset Option

Button Reset

Power Type

Battery Powered

Part Numbers

7110-DIE – Die Cutting Counter, non-reset
7110-DIE-R – Die Cutting Counter with reset function
7110-DIE-XXX – Die Cutting Counter XXX = Customer Specific Version

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