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520K – 530K

Pulse Counters, Position Displays, Rate Meters, Time Meters & Combinations

Kessler-Ellis models 520K – 530K feature easy 2-button programming, a high-luminosity LED display and connection with screw terminal. A NEMA 4X wall mount enclosure is optional.

  • 520K – Simple Display Counter
  • 521K – Totalizer & Position Indicator
  • 522K – Frequency Meter & Tachometer
  • 523K – Time Meter
  • 524K – Multipurpose Device
  • 525K – Adding Counter & Tachometer
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Counter Type

Totalizing Counter


CE, IP65, NEMA 4 & 12, ROHS


6 Digits

Power Type



1/32nd DIN

Supply Voltage

10 – 30V DC

Part Numbers

520K.2 – Simple Display Counter
521K.1 – Totalizer & Position Indicator w/ Optocoupler
521K.2 – Totalizer & Position Indicator w/o Optocoupler
522K.1 – Frequency Meter & Tachometer w/ Optocoupler
522K.2 – Frequency Meter & Tachometer w/o Optocoupler
523K.1 – Time Meter w/ Optocoupler
523K.2 – Time Meter w/o Optocoupler
524K.1 – Multipurpose Device w/ Optocoupler
524K.2 – Multipurpose Device w/o Optocoupler
525K.2 – Adding Counter & Tachometer
529K.2 – Analog Rate Display Only – DISCONTINUED – REPLACED BY 534K.2
530K.2 – Analog Rate & Total Display – DISCONTINUED – REPLACED BY 534K.2

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