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4916 Series

Low Power Consumption Counters

The 4916 Series achieves high performance over a wide temperature and voltage range with low power consumption. This counter will not lose its count during power failures or from electrical noise.

The compact design and various mounting styles make it perfect for OEM applications including mail equipment, photo machines, vending machines, gaming machines, elevators, copy machines, ticket machines and item dispensing equipment.

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Counter Type

Totalizing Counter




6 Digits

Reset Option


Power Type



110V DC, 120V AC, 125V DC, 12V DC, 230V AC, 24V AC, 24V DC, 4.5V DC, 48V AC, 48V DC, 6V DC


Base Mount, Behind the Panel

Part Numbers

FL1-4916 – 230VAC, 6 figures, panel mount
FL2-4916 – 120VAC, 6 figures, panel mount
FL3-4916 – 24VAC, 6 figures, panel mount
FL7-4916CD – 110VDC, 6 figures, panel mount, w/diode, 24″ LDS
FL8-4916D – 24VDC, 6 figures, panel mount, w/diode
R11-4916D – 5VDC, 6 figures, front mount, w/diode
R2-4916 – 120VAC, 6 figures, rear mount
R8-4916 – 24VDC, 6 figures, rear mount
R9-4916AD – 12VDC, 6 figures, rear mount, w/diode, set @ 000000
RV1-4916 – 230VAC, 6 figures, front & V-base mount
RV2-4916 – 120VAC, 6 figures, front & V-base mount
RV3-4916 – 24VAC, 6 figures, front & V-base mount
RV8-4916 – 24VDC, 6 figures, front & V-base mount
RV9-4916 – 12VDC, 6 figures, front & V-base mount
RV11-4916 – 5VDC, 6 figures, front & V-base mount
RV2-4916B – 120VAC, 6 figures, V-base mount, set @ 999980

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