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49 Series

Economical, Compact Counters

The 49 Series are economical electromechanical counters in a compact size. Their hard-wearing operating mechanisms require no lubrication or maintenance.

49 Series counters are ideal for use in control panels, business machines and test equipment.

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Counter Type

Totalizing Counter




4 Digits, 6 Digits

Reset Option

Button Reset

Power Type



115V AC, 12V DC, 24V DC

Supply Voltage

115V AC, 12V DC, 24V DC


Bail Mount, Base Mount, Panel Mount

Part Numbers

B2-4904 – 115VAC, 4 figure, bail mount
B8-4904 – 24VDC, 4 figure, bail mount
B2-4906 – 115VAC, 6 figure, bail mount
B8-4906 – 24VDC, 6 figure, bail mount

D2-4904 – 115VAC, 4 figure, D Base Mount
D2-4906 – 115VAC, 6 figure, D Base Mount
D8-4906 – 24VDC, 6 figure, D Base Mount

P2-4904 – 115VAC, 4 figure, Panel Mount
P2-4906 – 115VAC, 6 figure, Panel Mount
P8-4904 – 24VDC, 4 figure, Panel Mount
P8-4906 – 24VDC, 6 figure, Panel Mount
P9-4904 – 12VDC, 4 figure, Panel Mount
P9-4906 – 12VDC, 6 figure, Panel Mount
P9-4906NR – 24VDC, 6 figure, panel mount, non reset

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