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3900 Series

Fabric & Carpet Measurement

The 3900 Series is designed to measure fabric, carpet and textiles up to 24mm thick.

Length measurement is activated by movement of the material as it passes between the measuring roller and the spring-loaded pressure roller. An integrated brake prevents over spin at the end of the piece for accuracy.

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Length Measurement Type

Fabric & Carpet

Power Type



6 Digits

Reset Option

Lever Reset



Measuring System

Feet/Inches, Meters/Centimeters, Yards/Eights

Part Numbers

3900B – 99999.9 Meters/Centimeters
3905-1B – 99999’11” Feet/Inches
3905-2B – 99999.7/8 Yards/Eighths
3905-DD025 – with 25 PPR Encoder Output
3905-DD250 – with 250 PPR Encoder Output
3905-DD360 – with 360 PPR Encoder Output

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