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2600 Series

Cable, Wire & Rope Measuring

The 2600 Series measures length of cable, wire, rope, hose, extrusions or continuous strips from 6mm to 76mm in diameter.

The 2600 comes in different configurations for material travel and counter position. It includes a fitted totalizing counter and optional encoder integration. The heavy-duty cast metal wheel is mounted on a pivot arm to keep the wheel in contact with the material being measured. Integrated flanges enable easy mounting.

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Length Measurement Type

Cable, Wire & Rope

Power Type



6 Digits

Reset Option

Lever Reset



Measuring System

Feet/Inches, Meters/Centimeters, Yards/Eights

Part Numbers

2600-132CA – Poly Coated Wheel, Meters/Cm
2600-132FA – Poly Coated Wheel, Feet/In
2600-332CA – Knurled Aluminum Wheel, Meters/Cm
2600-332FA – Knurled Aluminum Wheel, Feet/In
2600-1E0360D – Poly Coated Wheel, 360 PPR encoder (for use with an LCD counter, can measure any unit of measurement based on scaling factor entered)

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