New 3 Year Product Warranty

New 3 Year Product Warranty

Trumeter are pleased to announce 3 Year Warranty on all Products.

As part of Trumeter’s ongoing commitment to our product quality, as well as giving drive to increase sales, Trumeter is proud to announce that all Trumeter products will carry a 3 year warranty effective from 24th February 2014.

The warranty applies to all new products supplied to UKEMEA customers after this date, and therefore does not cover any products currently in stock or on order up to this point.

Each product packaging will be clearly marked with this label to signify that inside the package are the instructions of where to complete the product registration as well as a unique 6 digit number.

In order for the warranty to be applicable, it will be necessary for the end user to complete the registration form which must be completed on line.