Introducing Trumeter Webinars

Introducing Trumeter Webinars

Trumeter US is excited to announce that we will be adding webinars to the communication tools that we offer our APM customers, distributors, and prospects!
Webinars are hugely beneficial as they enable us to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the APM product directly to the consumer. The demand for this tool was generated by our distribution partners, who were looking for an effective way to train their outside sales forces.

The advantages of introducing webinars don’t stop there, apart from bringing Trumeter further into the 21st Century; they are also a huge time-saving tool as a single session can be scheduled and completed within hours. By enabling us to communicate with many people around the world, webinars are an environmentally friendly way of communicating.

Trumeter Webinars are scheduled regularly for general audiences and we welcome the opportunity to customize one for your team. For further information on the webinars, or to send a request please contact sales.usa@trumeter.com

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