Our Advanced Panel Meter (APM) helps operators achieve the perfect weld every time while delivering a modern, easy-to-use interface.

Don’t miss a thing.

It’s critical for welders to monitor equipment during the welding process: too far out of spec and quality is going down the tubes. The APM’s back-lit display is far easier to monitor than an analog needle, especially through a mask and smoke.

Alarmingly simple protection.

We’re pretty sure you’re not going to find a better or more intuitive display, but sometimes distractions kick in. The APMs programmable alarm setpoints give operators that extra heads up they need to fix issues before they become a problem.

Precision they can repeat.

Welders need to maintain the same voltage and current across jobs. Our innovative bar graph display makes it a piece of cake to monitor the rate of change and repeat a quality weld every time.

Not EXACTLY what you were looking for?

You visualize. We customize. We’ll even build a meter designed just for you. Our design, manufacturing and supply-chain management expertise are all under one roof and we’ll roll out the red carpet for your genius ideas.

apm in welding equipment

Our Meters Hard at Work

The APM is used in arc welders and other welding equipment around the world.

Products That Work for Welding

Our customers who manufacture welding equipment rely on these meters, which are big on accuracy and look pretty slick while they’re at it.

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