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Trumeter | Innovation by Design

Water Filtration: Pools & Spas

Filter Life Indicator solutions for swimming pool and spa systems

Trumeter & Filter Life Indicators: An Epic Combo

Performance is optimized

We design and manufacture custom water quality indicators for integration into your existing pool, hot tub or spa systems. Our solutions monitor conditions and measure, identify and alert to contaminants that impact your products performance.

Communication integration for the win

We offer communication integration, including IoT, cloud or mobile applications, ensuring that quality issues are routed immediately to the customer or maintenance teams when they need them.

On-schedule filter changes. Ongoing revenue.

Know that person who changes their pool or spa filter every six years? Not your customers, thanks to our filter life indicator reminders. Plus, you get higher filter sales volume and increased profits.

Design and build process streamlined

With Trumeter, you have a dedicated team guiding you from design to manufacture, with turnkey solutions for your unique product design challenges.

We never met an engineering challenge we didn’t love.


We LOVE customization and product development. Let our team of innovators and engineers help you every step of the way from design to manufacturing.

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Elegant Design Tailored to Your Product

Our Meters Hard at Work

We've provided filter life indicator solutions to some of the worlds biggest brands, helping them generate filter sales and ensure their products work to their optimum, easily intergrated and cost-effective.

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