Trumeter | Innovation by Design
Trumeter | Innovation by Design

Control Panel Fabrication

Control panel fabricators are increasingly turning to our Advanced Panel Meter (APM) to impress their customers and improve their equipment.

Trumeter & Control Panels: An Epic Combo

Spot those issues at a glance.

Our APMs tell the whole story in a single glance, with a unique, color-changing display that lets operators get an instant indication of status from a distance and under low-light conditions. Visibility is a beautiful thing.

Your customers will look twice.

Who knew precision functionality could look this good? Our unique meter has a modern look and diverse feature-set that clearly communicates your commitment to cutting edge technology.

Customization is in your hands.

Our configuration software allows you to customize your meter, from scale, to alerts, to setpoints, and so much more. And we have models for voltage, current, frequency, rate, process and power that can be used in conjunction with CTs and shunts.

Not EXACTLY what you were looking for?

You visualize. We customize. We’ll even build a meter designed just for you. Our design, manufacturing and supply-chain management expertise are all under one roof and we’ll roll out the red carpet for your genius ideas.

Color-coded alerts: making damn sure you spot the issue.


Seeing an issue in a bank of meters isn’t easy, but that’s a 20th century problem. The APM goes above and beyond to get operators’ attention with its dynamic color-changing display.
See why your equipment needs the APM. Request a free sample – you’ll thank us later.

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