Ovens & Furnaces

We’ve got with a long and successful track record with electric furnace manufacturers, and we know how to deliver the solutions you and your customers demand.

Put operators on high alert.

With a dynamic color-changing display and programmable alarm setpoints, our APM range not only instantly alerts operators to conditions that could lead to malfunction but also acts as backup to indicators on the furnace. Talk about a win-win!

Reliability is everything.

In the brutal landscape of tough work environments, Trumeter’s got you covered. Our CE and UL listed components feature IP65 and NEMA 4 and 12. Just a fancy way of saying these are built to last! Bonus points for a three-year warranty and all the peace of mind that comes with it.

Versatility for the win.

Meet a true utility player. Our APM can display almost any scale – and can be programmed to your specific requirements using our software in just moments. With this level of versatility, you’re at the ready for less inventory and more happy customers.

Not EXACTLY what you were looking for?

You visualize. We customize. We’ll even build a meter designed just for you. Our design, manufacturing and supply-chain management expertise are all under one roof and we’ll roll out the red carpet for your genius ideas.

Our Meters Hard at Work

From vacuum furnaces to annealing ovens, the APM has been integrated into a range of products to monitor voltage and current, instantly indicating the status for operators.

Products That Work for Ovens & Furnaces

Our customers who manufacture electric ovens and furnaces rely on these meters, which are big on accuracy and look pretty slick while they’re at it.

Want to know more?

You will love a VIP look at how our products are shaping the industry. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you!