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Trumeter | Innovation by Design


Our Advanced Panel Meter (APM) is built to monitor flow while providing a modern, intuitive way for operators to keep things in check.

Trumeter & Flow: An Epic Combo

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It’s critical for operators to know if the flow rate is getting too high or low before a problem happens. The APM’s back-lit display and scalable bar graph make it far easier to monitor than an analog needle.

You've got options.

The APM is designed to work with a wide range of sensors, including thermocouples and pressure transducers. A 4-20mA output comes standard so the meter can be used with data loggers, PLCs and VFDs.

Alarmingly simple protection.

We’re pretty sure you’re not going to find a better or more intuitive display, but sometimes distractions kick in. The APMs programmable alarm setpoints give operators that extra heads up they need to fix issues before they become a problem.

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You visualize. We customize. We’ll even build a meter designed just for you. Our design, manufacturing and supply-chain management expertise are all under one roof and we’ll roll out the red carpet for your genius ideas.

Color-coded alerts: making damn sure you spot the issue.


Seeing an issue in a bank of meters isn’t easy, but that’s a 20th century problem. The APM goes above and beyond to get operators’ attention with its dynamic color-changing display.
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