Cleaning & Sanitation

Performance is optimized.

With integrated water quality indicators, contaminants and conditions that impact product performance can be identified immediatelyWe have worked closely with companies in sanitation system filtration to develop custom monitors that ensure quality and performance.

Integrated Communications.

From local LEDs to bluetooth, IoT, cloud or mobile applications, we understand how important it is notifications and alerts are routed immediately when needed. We integrate communications that best meet your requirements and ensure product performance levels are maintained.

Product build is streamlined.

With Trumeter, you have a dedicated team guiding you from design to manufacturing. We provide turnkey solutions for your unique product design challenges.

water treatment system

Custom FLI for a Sanitation System

Explore our small-space solution for measuring water quality and flow in a sanitation system with highly variable pressure, acidity, temperature and contaminants.

Solutions That Work for Cleaning & Sanitation Systems

We’ve designed and manufactured custom sensors and filter life indicator solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. Our solutions are cost effective and easy to integrate. Learn more about custom product development with Trumeter.

custom TDS sensor

Custom sensor for small space requirements

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