Battery Chargers

Our Advanced Panel Meter (APM) make it child’s play for battery charger operators to monitor charging voltage with a modern, easy-to-use interface.

Alarmingly simple protection.

Industrial battery charger operators always need to keep half an eye on voltage: too much and they risk damage, too little and they face downtime and returns. The APM’s programmable color-changing display means they can monitor voltage at a glance for the optimal changing.

Your customers will look twice.

Who knew precision functionality could look this good? The APM has a unique color-changing display, modern look and diverse feature-set that practically screams “cutting edge.”

One meter. Many applications.

No more one-off analog meters taking up valuable inventory space. Our APM can be set to display almost any scale quickly and easily. That means you only need one model for a range of equipment and specs, cutting costs and freeing up space.

Not EXACTLY what you were looking for?

You visualize. We customize. We’ll even build a meter designed just for you. Our design, manufacturing and supply-chain management expertise are all under one roof and we’ll roll out the red carpet for your genius ideas.

apm in a battery charger

Our Meters Hard at Work

The APM is making battery chargers around the world more operator friendly.

Products That Work for Battery Chargers

Check out the products that our battery charger customers most commonly use.

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