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795X – Digital Time Relay

795X Digital DIN Time Relay

Programmable DIN Rail Time Relay

The 795X is DIN rail mountable digital time relay, available with either 8 operating modes (7951) or 18 operating modes (7957). They are easily configured using the 3 digit LCD display and offer a versatile time relay option suited for a range of applications.

These relays give a wide timing range of 0.1s – 999Hr and provide a clear indication of the changeover relay status via the front panel LED. The compact 17.5mm wide housing is snap-in DIN rail mountable making it simple to install. They accept a wide range of operating voltages 24 – 240VAC, feature 8 AMP Form C (SPDT) relay outputs and allows key-locking to prevent unauthorised settings tampering, meaning 100% reliable operation across a variety of installations.

N.b. Programming is retained during power shut down, the current timing is lost and will reset when power is back on.


  • Compact 17.5mm DIN rail mountable
  • 3 digit LCD for easy programming
  • Tamper proof with key lock feature
  • Wide timing range: 0.1s – 999Hr
  • Multi-function: (8 or 18) non-signal and signal based functions
  • Multi-voltage: 24 – 240VAC/VDC
  • Option to select up/down counting
  • CE, Ul & cUl approved

PDF Instructions

PDF Datasheet

REACH, WEEE and RoHS Documentation

Ordering Information

7954 – Multi-Function Digital Timer, 8 Functions, 1 C/O, 24 – 240VAC/DC
7957 – Multi-Function Digital Timer, 18 Functions, 1 C/O, 24 – 240VAC/DC

Operating Modes


– ON Delay
– Cyclic OFF/ON
– Cyclic ON/OFF
– Signal ON/OFF
– Signal OFF Delay
– Interval
– Signal OFF/ON
– One Shot Output


– ON Delay
– Cyclic OFF/ON
– Cyclic ON/OFF
– Impulse on Energising
– Accumulative Delay on Signal
– Accumulative Delay on Inverted Signal
– Accumulative Impulse on Signal
– Signal ON Delay
– Inverted Signal ON Delay
– Signal OFF Delay
– Impulse ON/OFF
– Signal OFF/ON
– Leading Edge Impulse 1
– Leading Edge Impulse 2
– Trailing Edge Impulse 1
– Trailing Edge Impulse 2
– Delayed Impulse
– Inverted Signal ON Delay (Type 2)




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