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14-0735 – Dual Wheel Mechanical Imperial Measuring Wheel

14-0735 Measuring Wheel

Medium-Duty Dual Wheel Mechanical Imperial Distance Measuring Wheel

These medium-duty linear measuring wheels are used for estimating distances on smooth surfaces indoors and out. They feature a 5-figure display with bold .20″ high numerals, and are capable of counting to 10000 feet. Their lightweight design eases handling, and the reset button is protected by a raised collar. The bright orange color increases visibility.

Single and dual wheel models are available with curved handles. These wheels are widely used by contractors, utilities, accident investigators, real estate agents, and landscapers.


  • Figures: 5 figures, .20” high
  • Reset: Push-button
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs.
  • Extended Size: 44” (curved handle)
  • Storage Size: 28” (curved handle)
  • Wheel Size: 1 ft. wheel has a diameter of ~3.8″

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14-0735 – Dual Wheel Mechanical Imperial Measuring Wheel

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