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3900B – ‘Trumeasure’ Fabric and Carpet Length Measurer

3900B 'Trumeasure' Fabric and Carpet Length Measurer

‘Trumeasure’ 3900B for Fabric & Carpet Measurement

The 3900B encompasses over 60 years experience in specialised length measurement and is used around the world to measure fabric, carpet, textiles and more.

The ‘Trumeasure’ 3900B incorporates the very best features to provide robust, durable and accurate length measurement. It is designed and manufactured to ensure reliability and continuing accuracy, even when operating under the most demanding conditions.

As the material passes between the measuring roller and the spring loaded pressure roller the length measurement is activated by the movement of the material. All ‘Trumeasure’ machines incorporate an integral brake to prevent overspin at the end of the piece ensuring accuracy and reliability. The brake is automatically released when a further piece of material is passed between the rollers.


  • US Weights & Measures Approval
  • Measures material up to 24mm (0.94in) thick
  • Accommodates easily marked and/or abrasive materials (with special wheels)
  • Accuracy 0.25%
  • Accommodates pile up or no pile materials
  • Optional encoder output
  • Can be built into manufacturing & finishing processes


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Trumeasure 3900B Fabric & Carpet Measurer:
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