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2600 – Cable, Wire and Rope Length Measuring Machine

2600 - Cable, Wire and Rope Length Measurer

Cable, Wire & Rope Measuring Machine

The 2600 is a heavy duty, multi-purpose measuring machine which measures the length of cable, wire, rope, hose, extrusions or continuous strips.

The 2600 is a cable / rope / wire measurer that measures material from 6mm (0.24in) to 76mm (3.0in) in diameter through a 500mm-circumfrence measuring wheel of either polyurethane surface or knurled aluminium, depending on the material it is measuring.

The wheel is mounted on a pivot arm which keeps the wheel in contact with cable/rope/wire and, like the housing, is made from cast metal, making the whole unit tough and durable. It has integral flanges in the housing for easy mounting as necessary and is the ideal measuring machine for applications requiring accurate measurement of rope, wire, cable etc.

The shaft that supports the measuring wheel revolves in a double ball race which is mounted in the pivot arm while the fitted totalising counter has a manual lever reset.

The 2600 can also be integrated with an optional encoder to pulse electronic counters and is available in different configurations of unit of measurement, material travel direction and counter position.


  • Measures 6mm – 76mm (0.24in – 3.0in) diameter
  • Heavy duty cast structure with integral mounting flanges
  • Totalising counter fitted

PDF Datasheet

REACH, WEEE and RoHS Documentation


Cable Diameter Range

6mm (0.24in) to 76mm (2.99in)

Measuring Wheel Circumference


Maximum Speed of Travel

1500 metres/min or 3000 counts/min whichever is lower

Units of Measurement Available

Metres and centimetres, yards and eighths, or feet and inches

Counter Type


Packed Dimensions

53cm (21in) x 33cm (13in) x 33cm (13in).

Gross Weight

15.0kg (33.0lb)



Ordering Information

2600 Multi-purpose Measuring Machine

Wheel type – (Select & add code to 2600-???)

132 for polyurethane covered wheel & mechanical display
332 for knurled aluminium wheel & mechanical display

Unit of measurement -(Select & add code to 2600-132?)

C Metres/Centimetres
F Feet and Inches

Material travel & counter position – (Select & add code to 2600-132CA)

A for material travelling towards the operator; counter on his left
B for material travelling away from the operator; counter on his left
C for material travelling away from the operator; counter on his right
D for material travelling towards the operator; counter on his right

e.g. 2600-132CA = Poly wheel displaying in metres/centimetres, material travelling towards the operator with the counter on his left


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