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750 Series – Revolution Counter

Trumeter 750 Series Revolution Counter

Sealed Revolution/Acreage Counter

The 750 Series is a rugged revolution counter completely sealed, tamper resistant, and maintenance-free. They can be mounted on a rotating shaft or wheel and are bi-directional, adding in either direction and are ideal for recording revolutions, miles, kilometers, or acres.

With optional face plate and custom calibrations available, these are an ideal revolution counter for material handling equipment, farm machinery, rapid transit vehicles, street sweepers, golf carts, and construction equipment. (MOQ = 8 pieces)


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7 figures, 0.19’’ [5mm] high

Temp. Range:

-50°F to +180°F [-45°C to +82°C]


1.5 Lbs. [0.7kg]

Ordering Information

750-0002 – Reading x 10 = Total Revolutions (Revolutions)
750-0007 – (9.5L – 15) x 15’ (Acres)
750-0016 – 364 Revolutions per Acre (Acre)
750-0114 – Reading x 100 = Revolutions (Revolutions)
750-0156 – 798 Revolutions per Acre (Acres)




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