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A global designer and manufacturer of sophisticated measurement products, with leading edge mechanical, electronic, sensing and LED technologies.

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Trumeter was founded in 1937 in Manchester, UK, to support the textile industry with mechanical-based length measuring equipment.


This engineering expertise was soon applied to develop mechanical products used to measure other materials, such as cable, rope, timber, carpet, wallpaper and many others, including the famous measuring wheel now used by surveyors and architects the world over.

The Manchester factory grew quickly to over 200 employees and 40,000 sq ft, serving customers in more than 30 countries.

At this time, electrical and electronic advancements offered new opportunities to not only measure, but also to control. These advancements enabled Trumeter to develop one of the world’s first electronic measuring wheels, and to start developing electronic products to measure voltage and current, as well as counters that could use an electronic pulse to monitor and control equipment in many different industrial applications.

Trumeter’s reputation for well-engineered, high quality electronic and mechanical products continued to grow, and was combined with a passion for customer service and product innovation. Trumeter designed the world’s first fully electronic water jug timer, which predicted when the filter should be changed, in order to optimise water quality. Initially, this was based upon time, but later incorporated water hardness and volume, with increasing sophistication. All of this was contained in a tiny module that could run for 7 years on a standard watch battery.

The low power expertise led to the development of ASICS (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), which not only runs on ultra-low power, but also offers the chance to reduce the number of components, the cost, and the product size, whilst protecting intellectual property through the prevention of reverse engineering.


In 2003, the company opened a factory in Penang, Malaysia, and began the process of gradually shifting manufacturing to a lower cost base, in order to remain competitive globally. At the same time, the company started to develop products for automotive lighting, initially using bulb technology, but then moving on full speed with the LED revolution. Literally millions of our lights and touch sense products are being turned on all over the world in Jaguars, Audis, Fords, Mercedes Bus, Aston Martin and Range Rover vehicles.


In 2010, the company was further strengthened by new investment and new management. John Smith joined as Director, and the HQ and laboratory/workshop were moved to new premises in Bury. In July of the same year, Peter Weidenbaum retired after 55 years, moving into an advisory role and representing the company at various business forums. At the same time, Trumeter started to source its products from a new, purpose-designed, high quality factory, with ISO9001:2008 and a commitment to TS16949.

In 2014, the company has embarked on an ambitious new business development stage, focused on trusmartTM LED lighting and touch sense products aimed at the home appliance market and trulite TM LED lighting products for cold stores, industrial and commercial lighting sectors.

The company also has a pipeline of target acquisitions, starting with Mainlight Limited, a Stockport-located lighting and electrical services company, who specialise in total lighting and electrical solutions for commercial, industrial and retail premises.

True to our heritage, Trumeter launched the Advanced Panel Meter in the April of 2014, which is a unique product with applications in panel builder, system integrator and numerous OEM markets.

Today, as in 1937, strength and depth in engineering remain our core skills − electronic, mechanical, lighting and custom applications – plus an ability to manufacture high quality products that meet our customers’ demands, delivered by an organisation that has an unwavering commitment to world class customer service.

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