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Predetermining Rate Meter/Counter

The versatile 9100 multi-function instrument as a combined ratemeter/counter with network capability and back-lit display.

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Simultaneous operation in different modes is now possible with this recent development of the highly successful 9100 multi-function counter. Additional enhancements include 3-line display, more keys, network capability, enhanced programming, EEPROM memory avoiding the need for a battery, and on-screen programming prompts in four languages.


  • Simultaneously maintains any 3 of the following: Count preset, count pre warn, batch preset, overspeed, underspeed condition and displays count, total and speed.
  • Counts in any of 7 modes: A-B, A+B, A/B, count and direction and quadrature x1, x2 & x4.
  • EEPROM retains program and data for 40 years with no power.
  • 3 line Supertwist LCD display viewable from any angle.
  • Easily programmed in English, German, French or Spanish using simple menu structure and 10-key keypad.
  • Counting continues while rate measurement is in progress.
  • Accurate enough for position sensing and robotic control.
  • CAN bus/Device Net interface (as an option).
  • Displayed values, choice of engineering units and 12 characters of user programmable text can be printed directly from the IBM/Epson compatible serial printer port.
  • Can be powered from 85-265VAC for world wide use.
  • Multiplying and dividing prescalers enable display directly in the required (engineering) units.
  • Manual, remote and automatic resets available.
  • Remote inhibit and remote keyboard disable.
  • Fast electronic or slow contact closure inputs, all with optical isolation. Contact closure inputs are debounced.
  • Auxiliary 12VDC 100mA power output to power sensor.
  • Environmental protection to IP65.
  • CE approved. UL and cUL approval pending.

The 9100 carries out rate measurement, batch counting and totalising simultaneously. Rate mode is signified by an R appearing at the top left hand corner of the display and counting carries on in the background. The first line of the display shows pulses per minute (PPM) unless a prescaler is in use.



  • Power Supply 85 - 265VAC.
  • Auxiliary Output 12VDC ±10% 100mA for powering sensors.
  • Display 3 line high contrast supertwist backlit

LINE 1: 8 numeric LCD

LINE 2: 12 alphanumeric

LINE 3: 12 alphanumeric


  • Keyboard
  • Sealed elastometric keyboard with 10 keys.
  • Connections
  • 1 x 9 way and 1 x 10 way plug in terminal strips with wire clamps. Each way capable of accepting up to 2 OFF 2.5mm2 (0.1in2) conductors.
  • Prescaler
  • 0.0025 - 9.99999 . Multiplying 0.00250 - 9.99999. Dividing 1- 9999.
  • Rate Input
  • Input A only. 8 - 30VDC. Maximum 600k PPM (10kHz), minimum 4.7 PPM (0.078Hz ie one pulse every 12.8s)
  • Control Inputs
  • External reset, count inhibit, keyboard disable. Maximum 30Hz contact closure or solid state input. 8 - 30VDC opto-isolated.
  • Manual Reset
  • Can be disabled on installation or remotely reset.
  • Remote Reset
  • Contact closure or pulse (maximum 30Hz)
  • Automatic Reset Program to reset to zero on reaching preset 3 or vice versa.
  • Control Outputs 3 SPST relays. Contacts 5A 260VAC, 220VDC 1300VA/150W. Programmable for pulsed, latched or disabled.
  • Front Panel Sealing IP65 when properly mounted using gasket supplied.
  • Operating Temp. -10°C to +60°C.
  • Storage Temp. -20°C to +70°C.
  • Relative Humidity 85% at 25°C non-condensing.

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