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Filter Life Indicators

Whether you're manufacturing family water pitchers, commercial cleaning products or full-home filtration systems, monitoring water quality and filter longevity matters.

Improve your product quality

Ensure optimal performance and keep customers safe.

Increase your profitability

Charge a premium and increase recurring revenue.

Our Products are Everywhere!

We've implemented Filter Life Indicators in residential and commercial products across a wide range of industries.

Water Pitchers & Dispensers

Water Filtration Systems

Pool & Spa Systems

Drinking Bottle Fillers & Coolers

Boats & RV's

Cleaning & Sanitation Systems

Why Partner with Us?

Yeah. We Can Customize That.

We'll help you choose the right set of measurements and alerts for your product's cost, form and function.

Measurement Options

TimeHow long since the last filter change?
Flow RateIs my filter losing performance?
VolumeHow many gallons left until a filter change?
TemperatureIs the water too hot or too cold?
PressureWill my system run at this water pressure?
QualityHow did quality levels change from pre-filtration to post-filtration?
ChemicalsWhat’s the chlorine level in the system?

Alerting Options

Flashing Colors
Beeping Sounds
Email or Mobile App Notifications
Slowing or Stopping Water Flow

Meet Our Customers

Explore the design goals of three customers and the custom filter life indicators we built to solve them.

Home Water Pitchers
A traffic light visualization that minimizes cost and increases usability.
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Home Filtration Systems
A bluetooth-connected indicator delivering long life without external power supply.
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Commercial Cleaning Systems
Pre-and post-filtration indicators analyzing complex solutions.
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Go ahead: put us to the test

Have a custom product in mind for your application? Tell us about it and we’ll show you our stuff.

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